The alarm annunciator myDatalogMUCmicro


Alarm annunciators give important support in the industrial sector: They inform us reliably before something undesired happens. This time the Microtronics development team packed its yearslong experience concerning the requirements of alarm annunciators into an especially compact product. The myDatalogMUCmicro is equipped with only three inputs and thus informs you reliably about certain events at an economic price. This helps you to detect damages earlier as well as to minimise downtimes and follow-up costs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Monitoring of conditions like filling levels, temperature etc.
  • Immediate alarming in case of predefined events like temperature drops etc.
  • Alarm call plans via e-mail or SMS
  • Early detection of damages
  • Minimisation of downtimes & follow-up costs

The alarm annunciator myDatalogMUCmicro is compatible with every kind of machine or device. It is ideal for applications that require the measurement of only a few parameters (3 inputs). It can be used for example in the fields of temperature or filling level monitoring where the myDatalogMUCmicro alarms you via SMS or e-mail in case a cold chain is in threat of being interrupted or a water tank level is dropping. Since it is freely programmable (PAWN, programming language similar to C), there are virtually no limits to your ideas. Microtronics tip: If you have more complex ideas and thus need more inputs, its bigger brother the myDatalogMUC may be the right choice for you (8 inputs, extendable up to 32 inputs with the extension module myDatalogMUCe).

Here are some examples of parameters the DatalogMUCmicro can monitor for you:

  • Filling levels
  • Temperatures
  • Door contacts
  • Moisture

The myDatalogMUCmicro’s programming script is transmitted over-the-air. New programmes or adaptations do not require a technician on site. Everything is managed comfortably from your office table. This enables to react very quickly to changing requirements. Also the alarm call plans can be set up flexibly. Alarms concerning dropping temperatures for example, are directly forwarded to certain employees via SMS or e-mail. So they can react quickly to looming errors or damages. This helps to minimise downtimes and follow-up costs. Maintenance work can be done event-based and independent of rigid maintenance schedules.

The measurement and transmission cycle is also adjustable. The myDatalogMUCmicro transmits collected values and alarms via the GSM/GPRS network and thus uses a well-established transmission method. Values can be analysed via a web access. The 3-layered security concept by Microtronics protects your data. It comprises an AES encryption (Diffie-Hellman key exchange), a device authentication (Elliptic Curve DSA) as well as a hardware authentication via crypto chip.

Features myDatalogMUCmicro:

  • 3 universal inputs for digital or analogue signals
  • 1 zero-potential switch contact
  • Integrated rechargeable buffer battery for alarming in the event of a power supply failure
  • Programmable
  • Adjustable measurement and transmission cycle
  • Alarm and trigger functions
  • Measured data storage on the device

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