Data loggers for the Internet of Things: myDatalogEASY V3

Special requirements are imposed on components used for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Besides the stable operation it is also important to keep data volume and energy consumption low, as well as to adjust applications quickly to changing conditions. Microtronics is currently working on a new generation of the data logger myDatalogEASY (fields of application: e.g. filling level or temperature monitoring) that meets exactly these requirements. On 16th October 2014 the generation V3 made its first contact with the Microtronics developer team.

Talking about my generation

Every generation comes along with progress. That’s also true for data loggers. The previous approach was to deliver data loggers already equipped with a software including a ready-made application. The development of this software was very time consuming. Another disadvantage was that after the long development time the software often didn’t meet the requirements of customers or even the market any longer. So adaptations started right after the delivery. The increased resources also boosted device costs.

The new data loger generation seperates infrastructure functions like storage management, connectivity management or life cycle management from application-specific functions. That means: The data logger is delivered without application functions to the customer. The application programme is loaded on the data logger, as soon as the customer or one of its partners puts it into operation. This enables a high degree of flexibility. The application can be programmed individually and special features can be added at any time. The integrated life cycle management function makes service checks easy and offers transparency throughout a device’s whole life – from testing electronics through to putting it out of operation.

Welcome, EASY V3

We already informed you about the myDatalogEASY V3’s development progresses in the Microtronics Blog. On 16th October 2014 it finally happened: The generation V3 made its first contact with the Microtronics development team. Now the series production is within reach (pre-orders possible by now [mailto][/mailto], first deliveries planned for January 2015).

The new generation’s special features

The myDatalogEASY V3 was adjusted to the requirements of Internet of Things solutions. It offers an integrated energy management function that knows the energy supply’s exact charging status at any time. This information enables to easily make forecasts for the future energy consumption and to detect battery life cycles. The data volume is also measured exactly. This facilitates daily, weekly or monthly forecasts which enable quick testings from your office desk. Despite this versatility the energy consumption of this devices is currently only 46µA!

The low energy concumption also plays a major role when it comes to programmability, another highlight of the new generation. Applications scripts are flexibly programmable. Programme adaptations are transmitted to the data logger over the air (OTA) and does not require staff on site. The energy consumption is not increased by the programmability.

Further features are for example: Automatic battery identification, additional SIM slot for VPN or customer specific SIM cards, USB mini port as standard.

The new generation of the myDatalogEASY uses the rapidM2M technology for an efficient, secure and stable operation of applications.


Currently we are working on the preparation of the series product. Preordering is possible as of now, first deliveries are planned for January 2015.

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