Data security: How Microtronics protects your data

In 3 Stufen zur SicherheitEver since Wikileaks and the NSA scandal data security is not only a vital topic for  data protection activits. Especially in the fields of M2M companies often tend to keep information on securing data transmission very low. Frequently only the name of the encryption algorithm is mentioned without giving any further information.

Microtronics is very thankful for your trust and wants to deepen it by explaining our security algorithms in detail.

To protect your data Microtronics developed a three- stage model:

1.    Encryption
2.    Device authentication
3.    Hardware authentication via crypto chip

In the first stage the data is sent in an encrypted way. For this purpose we use AES. We chose the AES encryption method because most MCUs are already equipped with AES. This leads to a fast and resource-efficient encryption.

As with all symmetric encryption methods the secure key exchange is a special challenge. Microtronics uses the anonymous key agreement protocol Eliptic Curve Diffie Hellman (ECDH). ECDH enables two parties to share certain parameters via insecure channels without threat of eavesdropping. Both of the involved parties keep one part of the key that is not exchanged. This ensures that the key itself remains secret although parts of it were exchanged via insecure channels. Upon every new communication a new key is generated. This enables „Perfect Forward Secrecy“.

To avoid man-in-the-middle attacks digital signatures are used for the key exchange. So the second stage involves a device authentication to the server. This ensures that you get the right data. Therefore Microtronics uses a public key method which uses 2048 Bit keys that meet the current safety recommendations.

In the third stage the hardware components are additionally identified via crypto chips. The cryto chips offer safe storage of keys and a random number generator which is indispensable for secure encryption.

The 3-staged Microtronics security model is based on BSI guidelines and gives you peace of mind concerning the security of your data.

The wihte paper on the Microtronics security model is currently available only in German
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