Easy evaluation and testing of your own LoRaWAN application

The rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN module from Microtronics is now available. The rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN is a developer board for evaluation of the application possibilities opened by LoRaWAN. It allows the development of M2M / IoT applications based solely on LoRaWAN communication as well as applications which using the advantages of the individual technologies by combining LoRaWAN and 2G / 3G / WiFi (this depends on the rapidM2M module you use). Due to the integrated Bluetooth low-energy module and the analog / digital inputs the developer board can also be used as a gateway for connection local wireless and wires sensors to the cloud.

rapidM2M POC LoRaWAN

Application areas:

  • Evaluation of the application possibilities opened by LoRaWAN
  • Development of M2M / IoT applications
  • Simulation and testing of use cases

Product features:

  • Modules for wireless communication
    • LoRaWAN
    • Bluetooth
  • Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity)
  • Analogue / digital inputs
  • Potential-free switching contact for signal output
  • Dimensions (WHD):77 x 16 x 109mm
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