Easy evaluation and testing of your own LoRaWAN application

The rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN module from Microtronics is now available. The rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN is a developer board for evaluation of the application possibilities opened by LoRaWAN. It allows the development of M2M / IoT applications based solely on LoRaWAN communication as well as applications which using the advantages of the individual technologies by combining LoRaWAN and 2G / 3G / WiFi (this depends on the rapidM2M module you use). Due to the integrated Bluetooth low-energy module and the analog / digital inputs the developer board can also be used as a gateway for connection local wireless and wires sensors to the cloud.

rapidM2M POC LoRaWAN

Application areas:

  • Evaluation of the application possibilities opened by LoRaWAN
  • Development of M2M / IoT applications
  • Simulation and testing of use cases

Product features:

  • Modules for wireless communication
    • LoRaWAN
    • Bluetooth
  • Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity)
  • Analogue / digital inputs
  • Potential-free switching contact for signal output
  • Dimensions (WHD):77 x 16 x 109mm


Marketing Manager at Microtronics Engineering GmbH
Sabrina speaks the language of both technicians and business. With her MSc in Digital Business Management at the JKU Linz and the FH Steyr has consolidated her knowledge. She reports on topics that currently move the IoT and M2M industry. She explains technically complex things in a way that is easy to understand. On and offline she is responsible for the appearance and the communication.

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