Exclusive insights: myDatalogEASY V3

Since the beginning of 2014 the Microtronics development team has been working on a new generation of the myDatalogEASY which will replace all previous models (myDatalogEASY, myDatalogEASYplus, myDatalogEASYmbm and myDatalogEASYsd). The altogether 215 components (11 on the upper side and 204 on the bottom side) make clear that the development of the myDatalogEASY V3 requires precise planning and testing.

This includes for example the evaluation of components where electronic components are chosen, evaluated and tested. Or the design of the circuit diagram which – due to the great number of components – requires a great number of calculations. In the layout phase the chosen components are integrated. Later during the so called mechanical fitting the placing of the components is tested.

In this video Microtronics Hardware Designer Stefan Lechner gives exclusive insights into the current project plan and talks about one of the myDatalogEASY V3’s special features:

The myDatalogEASY V3’s programmability via PAWN script is one of the major feature highlights. It gives flexibility concerning the programming and enables over-the-air (OTA) programme changes. The special thing about it: Despite of the programmability, the power consumption will not be increased.

The key features of the product family myDatalogEASY V3 at a glance:

  • Orderable: end of 2014
  • myDatalogEASY V3 replaces all previous models (myDatalogEASY, myDatalogEASYplus, myDatalogEASYmbm and myDatalogEASYsd)
  • myDatalogEASY V3 is programmable via PAWN (like myDatalogMUC)
  • Power consumption is not increased althoug device is programmable
  • myDatalogMUC and rapidM2M scripts can be used
  • Simplified logistic concept since all known devices of the myDatalogEASY product family can be managed via script
  • SIM chip on mainboard
  • Additional SIM slot for VPN or customer specific SIM cards
  • Managed Service also possible for VPN SIM cards
  • Automatic (rechargeable) battery identification and configuration due to ID on (rechargeable) battery box
  • Serial number on (rechargeable) battery box
  • Power supply without buffer battery
  • USB mini port
  • Operation of and access to LED without opening the device
  • Adaptation of data structure according to rapidM2M structure by server release in Q3/2014
  • Prices remain unaffected

If you have any questions concerning the myDatalogEASY V3, please do not hesitate to contact the Microtronics support team.

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Phone: +43 2756 77180-23
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