Increased speed-to-market & flexible tariffs for the IoT

managed_serviceImplementing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology for the Internet of Things is often combined with time-consuming development and incalculable data tariffs. Microtronics packed its yearslong experience with the requirements of international M2M / IoT projects into a service package called Managed Service. It offers internationally standardised service rates, flexible billing models and SIM Management.

International data transmission

Managed Service offers curcial tools for the successful operation of M2M / IoT applications. For example it offers global data transmission via GSM/GPRS at internationally standardised service rates. The Managed Service SIM cards are available with European or global footprint and automatically choose the currently best available GSM network to guarantee a reliable transmission of data. The data transmission works fully automatically without any configuration required all around the world (plug & play). The fixed costs make it easy to calculate costs and to keep them transparent. The SIM and user management tools considerably facilitate SIM card billing.

Flexible billing models

Another big advantage of Managed Service are the flexible billing models: That way it is not required to conclude a contract with an M2M technology supplier for a whole year before even testing the M2M / IoT application idea. Managed Service contracts can be concluded on a monthly basis without basic charges. As soon as the M2M / IoT project has been implemented successfully, also prepaid packages can be used. The flexible contract periods facilitate the start into the world of IoT. That way risks of testing new M2M / IoT business models are minimised.

Support for an increased speed-to-market

In-house developments often require a lot of time and costs. Microtronics supports telecommunication providers, system integrators and manufacturers in testing their application ideas quickly. After knowing the project’s requirements the Proof of Concept (PoC) is created within 3 weeks. The sooner your Proof of Concept (PoC) is ready, the earlier you can start preparing the market start. With the so called Professional Service, Microtronics offers development support, module integration and other tools for the market start. Besides support for the production preparation, Microtronics also offers OEM services.