Exclusive insights: The key features of the product family myDatalogEASY V3

The Microtronics team is currently working on a new version of the device family myDatalogEASY. Microtronics CEO Hans-Peter Buber gives exclusive insights into the latest development status and introduces the key features of the new myDatalogEASY generation (orderable: December 2014).

The key features of the product family myDatalogEASY V3 at a glance:

  • Orderable: end of 2014
  • myDatalogEASY V3 replaces all previous models (myDatalogEASY, myDatalogEASYplus, myDatalogEASYmbm and myDatalogEASYsd)
  • myDatalogEASY V3 is programmable via PAWN (like myDatalogMUC)
  • Power consumption is not increased althoug device is programmable
  • myDatalogMUC and rapidM2M scripts can be used
  • Simplified logistic concept since all known devices of the myDatalogEASY product family can be managed via script
  • SIM chip on mainboard
  • Additional SIM slot for VPN or customer specific SIM cards
  • Managed Service also possible for VPN SIM cards
  • Automatic (rechargeable) battery identification and configuration due to ID on (rechargeable) battery box
  • Serial number on (rechargeable) battery box
  • Power supply without buffer battery
  • USB mini port
  • Operation of and access to LED without opening the device
  • Adaptation of data structure according to rapidM2M structure by server release in Q3/2014
  • Prices remain unaffected

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