Microtronics opens offices in Salzburg and Wattens

Microtronics connects products and services of its customers to the internet. At its headquarters in the heart of Lower Austria, Microtronics develops systems that capture data and transfer it to a fully scalable industrial IoT platform. From Chile to Spain, Germany, Austria and China, Microtronics’ complete solution is already being used successfully in over 300 projects.

With such an innovative business and customers scattered around the world, online meetings are a real blessing. However, conference calls never outweigh personal contact. The interpersonal level, the small movements in the face and the body language convey a multitude of additional messages. Especially in the implementation of complex projects that deeply interfere with existing company processes, it is extremely important to provide on-site customer support and the resulting better understanding of the requirements.

For this reason, Microtronics takes a step towards its customers in the West and founds the Microtronics Alps, whose fortunes are managed by Gerhard Auer. Microtronics Alps consists of several hubs. The first two hubs are opened in Techno-Z Salzburg and in the Werkstätte Wattens. The sphere of activity of Microtronics Alps extends beyond Austria to Bavaria Switzerland and Northern Italy.

Gerhard Auer discovered his love for IoT and Microtronics in 2013 as a project manager for the joint project “iMow” (connected mowing robots) and deepened his knowledge as head of the robotic lawn mower department at STIHL Tirol. The successful IoT project continues to this day and is constantly being further developed. Gerhard Auer restructured the entire technical department of an industrial company last year. But the Internet of Things has not let him go.

Gerhard Auer - Microtronics Alps

At Microtronics Alps Gerhard Auer is now back to digitalisation and the Internet of Things. He contributes his accumulated experience in corporations and industry. “I know how difficult it is to actually implement IoT and not just talk about it. In addition, the Alps are my home, my heart region. It gives me great pleasure to support companies in my native country with Microtronics Alps in the implementation of IoT projects and business models.”

“At Microtronics we connect machines, devices and products that are distributed all over the world. As widely spread our technology is in use, the proximity to our customers and partners is the key to a successful partnership. With Gerhard Auer and Microtronics Alps we are taking a decisive step forward”, CFO Stefan Pfeffer is pleased about the positive development of Microtronics.

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