Multi-functional tools for measuring and control tasks

myDatalogMUCThe know how of Microtronics in the fields of wireless data transmission and central data handling was used for the products myDatalogMUC and myDatalogMUCmini to centralise measuring and control tasks. The two multi-functional tools collect data from sensors and signal generators and enable the communication with adjacent machines or control units.

The two multi utility controllers are equipped with different interfaces for signal acquisition and signal output. In addition they can be programmed with a local program routine for complex calculation and control tasks. Learn more about the technical details of myDatalogMUC and myDatalogMUCmini

myDatalogMUCminiDue to Microtronics’s core competence in the fields of mobile communications the data acquisition is done wirelessly and globally at a standardised service rate. The data is stored and displayed on a central server to which operators and users have access at any time and from any place. The further handling of the data for example allows to define comprehensive alarming plans for maintenance purposes or to connect the data of different locations to each other. Due to the integrated data transmission there is no need to create an infrastructure to the plants, sensors or signal generators.

The tow multi utility controllers are for example applicable in the fields of dosing control, status monitoring, alarm annunciators or temperature monitoring.

Your benefits with myDatalogMUC and myDatalogMUCmini at one glance:

  • Central signal acquisition of decentralised sensors and signal generators
  • Universal inputs for analogue and digital data
  • Programmable for calculation and control tasks
  • Comprehensive alarm and triggering functions
  • International data transmission
  • 24/7 location-independent access to data

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