Exclusive insights: The myDatalogMUCmicro

myDatalogMUCmicro DraftIn the industrial sector alarm annunciators and failure annunciators help to optimise processes. Since staff is informed automatically about certain incidences, damages for example can be detected at an earlier stage. This saves followup costs and helps to manage maintenance works even more efficiently. Alarm annunciators also help to optimise the operation routines so that down times for example are minimised. For an ideal operation it is important that alarming functions can be adapted rapidly to current incidences. The newly developed myDatalogMUCmicro offers an economic solution.

This is what myDatalogMUCmicro differentiates from other solutions

For alarming functions mostly Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are used in the industrial sector. A PLC has to b programmed locally. That is to say: every programme update has to be done on site. For remote programming changes LAN, wireless LAN or standard GMS gateway solutions can be used. All of these solutions require resources since adaptations of the company’s IT infrastructure are necessary. Security measures are especially important.

The myDatalogMUCmicro communicates via the GSM/GPRS network and thus uses a well-established transmission standard. Additionally Microtronics uses a three-staged security model (learn more about it here) to avoid attacks. Furthermore the myDatalogMUCmicro is individually programmable via PAWN script. Programmes can be updated over the air. This saves time and costs for visits on site.

And that’s how it looks

In this video Microtronics CEO Hans-Peter Buber introduces the myDatalogMUCmicro. You can order it right away at office@microtonics.com (first deliveries: middle of June 2014).

The myDatalogMUCmicro at a glance

Product features

  • 3 analogue or digital inputs
  • 1 relay output
  • Rechargeable buffer battery included
  • Self-monitoring due to power failure notification
  • Individually programmable (PAWN)
  • OTA updates

Platform features

  • Central alarm archive
  • Central alarm management
  • Alarm call plans
  • Voice call, e-mail, SMS

Learn more about the myDatalogMUCmicro in the fact sheet or on the product site.