Nationwide Monitoring of Photovoltaic Systems

In a project of UTK EcoSens GmbH solar systems are monitored in Germany and partly across borders. Lack of infrastructure such as electricity and internet connectivity was a challenge that can be solved with the self-contained operation of myDatalogEASY V3. The data transmission via GSM with international roaming makes worldwide use without further infrastructural conditions possible.

Two pyranometers measure the global radiation. Two irradiation sensors additionally carry out the temperature measurement. The data is presented online in an overview. The system of Microtronics takes care of alerting via SMS or e-mail in case of a failure or exceeding of the limit. Thus errors can be detected quicker and not only in the maintenance interval.

Due to the alarms and the permanent access to the data the customer can act quickly in case of errors. Another big advantage is the general overview of all sites.


Marketing Manager at Microtronics Engineering GmbH
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