New feature: myDatalogMUC with LAN

The new myDatalogMUC with LAN interface offers additional failure safety and flexibility concerning the connection type: GSM or LAN – it’s your choice

Especially when executing comprehensive measuring and control tasks the breakdown of the device connection and the consequential loss of control can lead to severe damages concerning your application and its environment. To avoid this scenario and to increase failure safety Microtronics has activated the LAN interface of the M2M multi-functional tool myDatalogMUC.

This additional backup connection enables the secure execution of crucial control tasks. If the preferred connection breaks down, the second connection is activated automatically. myDatalogMUC mit LANThis ensures that the functionality of your application remains unaffected. Additionally the new myDatalogMUC with LAN interface offers more flexibility: you can choose individually between GSM and LAN.

You already own one or more myDatalogMUC products and would like to benefit from the increased failure safety?

You can activate the already existing LAN interface on your device easily with a product firmware update:
Product firmware release: modem version FW03v011, firmware version ≥ 03v002
You can also use the new feature on the server platform: Server software release: ≥ V39.13

If you have any questions concerning the myDatalogMUC with LAN interface please do not hesitate to contact the Microtronics Support team.

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