Optimising logistic processes with rapidM2M

When delivering products, it is crucial to keep an eye on GPS positions, delivery dates as well as the quality of the products. Machine-to-Machine technology enables you to do so from your office desk.

rapidM2M is a technology specially developed for the simple realisation and stable operation of Machine-to-Machine solutions and enables to transmit important data like GPS positions or temperatures via the GSM/GPRS network.

rapidM2M offers the following benefits:

  • Web access to your data
  • Web access for your customers
  • Permanent monitoring of loading and delivery dates
  • Permanent monitoring of ambient conditions like temperature
  • Reports for quality validation
  • Optimisation of logistic processes
  • Alarming via SMS or e-mail

Today’s application example deals with the quality control of temperature-sensitive products like medications or food. It collects information on loading dates, delivery dates as well as the products’ delivery temperatures. It is also possible to document the whole temperature profile during the delivery process. Sensors and modules deliver the relevant information that is displayed on a web interface. There you can monitor GPS positions on a map and analyse the information collected.

GPS positions are displayed on a map
GPS positions are displayed on a map

The section „Reports“ shows you the relevant information. It provides you with PDF reports for the quality validation of your temperature-sensitive products.

PDF reports for quality validation
PDF reports for quality validation

You can forward these reports to your customers per e-mail or give them their own web access. The rapidM2M rights management system ensures that users only have access to data that is actually relevant for them. Additionally every user’s web interface can be branded with an individual logo.

rapidM2M also enables alarms. An alarm is sent via SMS or e-mail, if for example temperatures are dropping. You or your staff can react immediately and therefore minimise or even prevent damages.

You would like to know how to optimise your logistic processes with rapidM2M? The Microtronics support team is looking forward to answering your questions.

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