In practice: M2M technology and H2S

H2S measurement in ATEX zone 1 with myDatasensH2S

Coping with H2S is a crucial topic. Besides causing unpleasant odours, hydrogen sulfide can also lead to corrosion of important components as well as damages to health. Microtronics supports experts in water and wastewater treatment in coping with H2S with various M2M products and a platform.

In practice there are different forms of applications. The measurment and transmission of the H2S concentration in the ambient air helps to keep track of data. So if a neighbour may complain about odour nuisance it is possible to validate if the odour is actually caused by a certain facility.

Wireless data readout with myDatasensMINI

In combination with a dosing control it is also possible to actively take action against odour nuisance and corrosion. This enables the event-based or preventive dosage of chemicals to lower the H2S concentration. The monitoring of the H2S concentration additionally helps to validate the success of a neutralising action.

The collected data is transmitted to a platform. Besides data analysis the platform also enables the creation of alarm call plans for example.  That way staff is alarmed automatically if  for example the H2S concentration is rising or H2S-neutralising chemicals are running short.

The Microtronics editorial team talked with three experts for water and wastewater treatment about how they apply M2M technology:

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