Software maintenance: Security for your M2M platform

Server updatesSoftware maintenance is one of the most crucial issues in our connected world. IT systems are advancing at a tearing speed, but also hackers never rest. So even when current security standards were watched narrowly during the development of a software, it can happen that cyber criminals find a security gap years later. Only regular updates ensure that systems remain state-of-the-art and that they can also meet future requirements.

Updates for firewalls and antivirus programmes are self-evident. The same is also true for software maintenance. For this purpose Microtronics is constantly improving the system’s security and is providing you with server updates three times a year. These updates take care that your platform or your application meets the current security requirements and also offer further developments (e.g. improvement of usability, facilitated access to your data, etc.) that help to manage your processes even more efficiently. Additionally updates help to amend faults that can happen even though strict testing and release processes are undertaken. Also new features that support you in your everyday business are provided on a regular basis.

The regular updates take care that your platform or your application remains secure. That supports you in calculating costs and risks. Only a system that is maintained on a regular basis is a secure system. Therefore Microtronics server updates help you to avoid failures or breakdowns that can lead to consequential costs. Additionally your customers benefit from a stable system operation.

If you have any questions concerning the Microtronics server updates please do not hesitate to contact the Microtronics Support team!

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