Finalists: Top IoT Tech Founders using rapidM2M at 4YFN

It is a long road that leads from an IoT prototype through a POC to a final, mass-marketready solution. This tedious process can be greatly and successfully sped up supported by accelerators made available by market leaders such as Microtronics.

Excelling among these, rapidM2M is a connectivity platform and comprehensive technology environment which already solves many crucial requirements, such as data synchronization and transfer, recording and information processing. It facilitates hence the creation and validation of IoT applications while speeding up the whole development chain.

rapidM2M can be used in a broad field of smart services, ranging from industrial predictive maintenance, energy management, connectivity logistics and real-time monitoring up to medical applications and solutions for the automotive sector.

In partnership with the Innovation World Cup® Series, Microtronics announces the TOP ground-breaking IoT tech founders 2020 for the rapidM2M Challenge. The rapidM2M Challenge is a special prize of the 11th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® powered by Microtronics.

rapidM2M Challenge 4FYN - Finale

The finalists of the rapidM2M Challenge 2020, with their solutions, are (in alphabetical order):

  • Cardiomo Care, Inc. – Cardiomo, Ukraine
    A non-invasive solution for monitoring heart health and shared up to the minute data dashboard and alerts system when unusual behaviour is detected.
  • Fuelmann Kraftstoffverwaltung e. U. – Fuelitics as a Service, Austria
    Fuelitics is a professional tool to monitor, administer and optimize diesel consumption for businesses using IBCs, tank wagons and yard tanks.
  • Indeema Software Inc. – Ubreez, Ukraine
    UBreez goal is to monitor air quality to make the environment good for productive work, studying
  • Nolta Nova GmbH & Co. KG – Noltanet CEE smartplug, Germany
    Noltanet provides a clever application about data entry of energy consumption and gearing maintenance processes.
  • Schildknecht AG – Smart Cable Drum, Germany
    Fitted with a sensor and an electronic radio transmitter, the smart cable drum can calculate the current cable stock and send this information to a data portal in the cloud via the company network or global 2G-4G mobile technology.

The MWC and the 4FYN have been cancelled according due to the coronavirus. We will inform you about the new date of the award ceremony of the rapidM2M Challenge as soon as possible.

These disruptive innovators will showcase their solutions live in front of the international jury and exciting tech audiences at the 4YFN / MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS in Barcelona, on Monday 24th February 2020. The Pitch and Award Ceremony is part of the 11th IOT WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP finals with 30 start-ups presenting their solutions live on stage.

See you soon at 4YFN, the open innovation platform of Mobile World Congress for an exciting 11th IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP finals!

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